l Korea’s first IT firm to integrate global IT operations, and integrated infrastructure operation∙
management service(ITO) provider in 13 production facilities and business sites in 4 different

l Added fields of collaboration between Orion and Metanet IT subsidiaries: Consulting in
Process Innovation(PI) and globally integrated systems to build a basis for integrated global
business∙IT management, employee payroll and annual tax claim process management service

Metanet(CEO Choi Young Sang) announced that the company was selected as a strategic 

IT innovation partner to build a globally integrated IT system for Orion on the 16th last month.   


u  3 subsidiary companies to provide comprehensive IT service in three steps
: Consulting – ITO – BPO

Daewoo Information Systems, a subsidiary of Metanet will provide integrated management
services for Orion’s global IT application and infrastructure which is 67 billion won in value.
The operation encompasses operations and maintenance of IT applications and infrastructure
for the Orion Headquarters in Korea and 13 business sites in China, Vietnam and Russia,
for the next 10 years.


Operational standards and an integrated operation system based on process improvement
will be built to increase management efficiency and obtain safety. Costs are expected to
drop by 10%. In addition, quick reaction to errors and unification in point of contact of
service will bring higher service quality, increasing business efficiency


More subsidiaries of Metanet are engaging in collaboration projects with Orion. Consulting
firm Metanet Global will launch with a Process Innovation(PI) and systems global integration
project. Metanet Global is the new name for Accenture Korea, which Metanet acquired last
December. Through this strategic partnership, Metanet Global will be the exclusive provider
of information Accenture holds on advanced global IT strategies, digital capacities, and
delivery network to Korea.

Metanet Interactive is utilizing Meta Payroll, an internally developed cloud-based employee
payroll and annual tax claim solution for human resource procedures. Orion’s periodical system
is linked to Meta Payroll to manage employee management∙positioning, payroll∙tax return,
withholding tax∙4 basic insurances, certification issuing and consulting in human resources,
labor affairs, and tax inspections. 

Through this method, Metanet can provide a complete IT business service encompassing
process innovation and integrated system building consulting(Metanet Global) – ITO
(Daewoo Information Systems) – BPO(Metanet Interactive). As Orion’s global IT innovation
partner, Metanet will fully support Orion to establish a groundwork for future growth.                      


Daewoo Information Systems Chairman Lee Tae Ha stated, “All Metanet subsidiaries including
Metanet Global, Daewoo Information Systems, Metanet Interactive will engage in tasks to
achieve synergy and provide an end-to-end service encompassing consulting, ITO, and BPO
to Orion.” 

He added, “We will continue to strengthen our skills in all of IT services to lead digital
transformations for our clients.”


u   Pioneer of integrated global IT management service industry 

This integrated global IT management is receiving praise for bringing groundbreaking changes
to the global IT management service industry in Korea. 

First of all, this is the first case in Korea where a multinational company is developing a global
IT management, and maintenance service solely with a domestic IT firm via a strategic
partnership. Metanet has expertise in building integrated IT management systems in various
industries including food∙beverages, and other consumer goods. It was recognized as the
optimal strategic partner to carry out Orion’s global IT management integration for the long
Second, Daewoo Information Systems will take on long-term operations and
management of the 
globally integrated IT system. DIS has expertise in both establishing
and managing integrated systems. 

This means Orion will be able to focus on planning and implementing core strategies.
This in turn will bring business efficiency to another level.

Orion plans to focus on its core competencies to grow as a global business. In the beginning
of the year, the company announced its goals to establish a global system to integrate the
management of research and development, quality and safety, equipment and facilities.
This would allow for continuous growth in the global market including China. When the current
IT management integration is complete, Orion will have laid out its fundamentals for globally
integrated management.

Metanet Global Executive Director Kim Jae Young who led this project commented,
“We focused on establishing an IT system which could comply with the changes in domestic
and international business environment, keep it stable and continuously improve it as well.”
He added, “The integrated IT system will play an integral role to enhance Orion’s global competitiveness and carry out its global business strategies.” 

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