Pulmuone’s Innovation Parter, Metanet 

Pulmuone is a player in the CPG(Consumer Product Goods) industry. In the foods sector of this industry, freshness is a determining success factor. Fresh produce expires quickly, and zero inventory must be maintained. Thus, reliability and sensitivity on freshness maintenance systems is extremely high.

On this note, Pulmuone implemented an ITO in order to enhance IT expertise in the food industry, decrease infrastructural risk in areas such as management of data center equipment, and cut costs. In 1999, Metanet Interactive built ERP systems in finance and accounting. Afterwards, the company successfully extended all Oracle ERP models including finance, accounting, SCM, and HR to purchase, manufacturing, quality, inventory, distribution, sales, account settlement and asset management. In addition, Metanet implemented a high quality cold-chain system which would maintain refrigeration of the whole process from manufacturing to end sales. This caused a break-through improvement of general task practice, and a supply network system among supplying companies, Pulmuone and customers was established. 

In the early stages of establishing the ITO, the two companies carefully measured and tuned all factors in every category as no precedent existed for them to benchmark. While planning, Metanet Interactive held in-depth understanding of Pulmuone’s business and Pulmuone could trust the technology of its partner. This perfect synergy led to the establishment of a stable system. 

Through continuously improving systems every year, Metanet Interactive now provides services in all areas for Pulmuone including business support, management information, human resources, finance and accounting, sharing partner companies, purchase, production, inventory, sales/distribution, channel/ordering, infrastructure and IT system operation and management. 

In addition, Metanet runs approximately 230 servers(OS based), 12 storages, 3 backup systems, and is taking on global business support by sending out residential employees to 15 locations in

3 countries; USA, Japan and China. 

IT System, the Achiever of a 15-fold Growth 

All of Pulmuone’s business is based on a daily order-daily delivery system. If anything in order placement/shipment/delivery gets delayed, students may have to skip a meal at school or produce may be ruined causing illness. Henceforth, the process is closely related to the everyday lives of the people.  

To root out the cause of delays, a dual system was built to prevent information errors and a 24/7 personnel offline emergency response system was prepared. In the long term, Metanet plans to establish distribution monitoring during peak times and closing times to minimize management gaps and found a globally connected response system to achieve a 24-hour service.

More than anything, the success of Pulmuone lies in the high productivity of its employees compared to any competitor. A business process built on an IT system based on efficiency has brought on much better performance even compared to the competitor with the top revenue in the foods industry. 

As a result, sales grew by more than 15 times compared to 129 billion won in 1997(prior to ITO implementation) to 2 trillion won in 2016. Net income grew 5 times higher and equity price was 10.1 times higher.

Recently, Pulmuone held an Oracle ERP Technical Upgrade Project where Metanet Interactive was awarded on its performance. 

Establishment of Next Generation System to Utilize Full Capacity of Metanet Group from Consulting to Outsourcing ‘lit’.

Currently, Pulmuone is preparing the next system based on the digital platform of Metanet Interactive.

The project named ‘Metanet 2.0’ will be gradually built focusing on ▲building business innovation grounds ▲supporting global IT from local sources ▲cutting costs despite cost structure limits ▲establishing a quantifiable solution with minimal functions. 

‘Metanet 2.0’ is focused on business innovation via RPA(Robotic Process Automation), which automizes simple repetitive tasks 

The Oracle ERP will be upgraded with accumulated technology from 1996 into a more accurate information processing system. The reward system will be modified by utilizing big data Pulmuone has held for decades. Cloud service will be expanded and IoT response infrastructure will be obtained. All new technology will be fully utilized for Pulmuone’s business strategy. 

In particular, Metanet is pushing to strengthen customer response by implementing Watson Al technology and expanding chatbot service functions. In terms of security, the company plans to build an information security certification system via consulting and response systems.

IT Governance and IT Infrastructure, the two points of interest in the industry at the moment are to be expanded and enhanced(e.g. replacing or improving equipment) to build a globally ranking IT management system.

The focus of the new strategy is for Pulmuone to step out of the boundary of simple operations to actively support global task processes, manage IT services efficiently and better business innovations. All Metanet subsidiaries are on board with this strategy. Expert groups of every area comprise Metanet Interactive, Metanet Global, Daewoo Information Systems, Comas, Utimost INS,

Nuri Solution, Metanet Security, Metanet Fintech, Nexzen NCG to build digital strategies clients are looking for with technology and know-how.

These companies support clients to form plans end-to-end from consulting, planning, developing and managing. They treat IT not as a support system but as a necessary tool to improve productivity. 

As above, Metanet supports clients’ digital innovation based on strong technology and know-how in not just one specific area but in all fields of IT.

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